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Thank you!

We are a non-profit organization that is 501(c)3.


Donations are used to establish a place to rent to do our group meeting, clothing exchange, events and to help with paying for extracurricular activities for the grandchildren as we all know its expensive to raise children. Some grandparents use their retirement to pay for these activities and we just want to take some financial burdens off our grandparents. We appreciate every ones kindness and we personally would like to express our gratitude.

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Why Donate?

 Being a parent for a second time can be very hard financially and it happens to a lot a people, from losing our child to death or to drugs. This is something no parent would want to endure with their child but to lose the grandchild in the process is just as devastating, no one asks for this. Our grandchildren would love to be raised by their parents and we would of loved for them to be raised by them. But in some situations it is not possible. We never thought this would happen to us, but it did and were doing the best we can to stop a cycle so our grandchildren don't lose their identities or lose who they are and where they came from.


If you decide to donate you will be helping not only the grandparents but also the grandchildren. Your kindness will help these children and give them hope that we do care, we do want a better future and we want our great grandchildren to have a chance in life.


We also will be grateful if anyone would like to donate anything for raffles. We will be doing bake sales and car washes throughout the year to help with the needs of our grandparent group. We are all working together to make a difference in our communities.  







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