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We are an IRS recognized nonprofit 501(c)3 charity organization

Grandfamilies or grandparents raising grandchildren has been a growing crisis for nearly 20 years. Newsbreak: Seniors caring for their skipped generation children are now in an ongoing (secret) EPIDEMIC. 


It is a secret because the news media has not been covering the true story about the aftermath of the drug epidemic - our grandchildren. And especially now, after having a pandemic, what happens to families suffering severe mental strain, super stress, poverty, domestic violence, or a death and having to step in to care for their kids' kids? Society doesn't even have a name for this. 


States, especially Utah, have not kept up programs to help these families or have proper subsidies in place to help impoverished kin caregivers, especially considering an elderly population of kin caregivers. It is a severe desert situation with barriers, eligibility issues, and most certainly an emergency of ongoing high costs to negotiate. 


It is clear - the disadvantages of neglecting the domestic needs of grandfamilies, grandparents, and their unique childcare situation: Dwindling positive outcomes, less chance of recovery, and survival of the nucleus family unit.  


In other examples, we see giving foreign aid that makes countries dependent instead of independent. Donating to our grandfamilies will revitalize dedicated family leaders to powerfully model endurance, resilience, and strength for their recovering deserving children, the leaders of our future.  

Please support Grandparents With Open Arms. 

Please consider donating monthly. 

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